25 Feb

Yearning For A Happier Life?

Happy life

Here are my top 10 tips for living a happier life.  I have numbered them for ease of reading. However, they are not listed in order of priority as I believe that all 10 tips hold equal value. They all contribute towards helping us to live a happier life.

1.  Smile and laugh often.  Smiling and laughter make us feel better. Research shows ‘smilers’ release serotonin and endorphins—the happiness hormones—more so than non-smilers.  When we laugh we break a mood, reduce blood pressure and give our stomach muscle a great workout!  So you can boost how you feel by smiling and laughing more.

2.  Be kind and friendly.  It’s easier to receive more joy from life when we are kind towards others. When you act in kind ways, you spread happiness. When you act in kind ways, people are more likely to respond with kindness towards you. It pays to be courteous and kind.

3.  Think of others.  Being selfish creates a lonely life.  Sharing, caring and helping—these things bring joy!  And when you do things for others, do it with love from your heart. When love is the motive behind your action both you and the other person will feel uplifted.

4.  Argue Less. Don’t let your need to be right cripple your enjoyment of life! Arguing drains our personal energy levels.  Everyone has their own opinions and perspectives.  Sure, there are times when we need to speak up and say things and there are times, well, we can just let it go.  Learn to discern!

5.  Love more. The more love we have for others (and ourselves) the happier we feel. Live with love! Love moves mountains; love breeds happiness.

6.  Give other people in your life the space and freedom to be who they are.  Trying to control others all the time is exhausting and suffocating. Every one of us needs a little space to be our own selves, a little time to breathe and experience life in our own ways. Control less and encourage more.
7.  Be appreciative of the bounty in your life.  Appreciate your family, friends, pets, country, education and your possessions. Appreciation is one of the best ‘uppers’ available! Live life with appreciation and watch your happiness levels soar!
8.  Honour your relationship with Divine Love; honour your spiritual side. If you are not honouring your spiritual nature, and if you are not conscious of Divine Love’s energy in your life, then your life will be void of a major source of happiness.  Happiness is—an inside job!  Therefore, you need to connect, tap into, discover and live through your spiritual side.
9.  Be patient. Unfortunately, as the pace of the world gets ‘faster’ the less patient we become.  Everything these days is quick and accessible and this breeds a desire within us to have things sorted, fixed, mended instantly. As human beings, not everything can be fixed instantly. The body, for example, takes time to heal.  For seeds to bloom, they need time to grow.  Impatience breeds anger, frustration and saps joy from the day.  Let go, be patient.  Accept the process of life and go with the flow.  You’ll be happier when you can do so.
10.  Judge and criticise less. How can we live happily if the majority of time we are critical and judging of others.  Constantly criticising and judging people (and ourselves) will ensure that our energy vibrations stay low.  Let go, live and love.

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