Thank you for purchasing Helen’s book – Abundance of Joy.

Below, you will see where you can download worksheets, prompt sheets and checklists as promised in the book.

To complete the exercises in the book Abundance of Joy download the appropriate information sheets. You can also print off various prompt sheets and the three daily checklists.

Creating your list of joys: Chapter 9, pages 63 and 65

Charting your daily feelings: Chapter 11, page 86

Helpful questions to ask when the going gets tough: Chapter 15, pages 132-135

The Daily Checklists: Chapters 22-24

Guided Meditation: page 49

You can also download the 5 minute meditation as mentioned on page 49. It’s a great practice that can bring a little peace to your day.

If you have not meditated before, download and listen to this audio for some tips on meditating.

If you have enjoyed Helen’s book, and would like a complimentary 30 minute coaching session with Helen to discuss areas of your life you would like to improve, or goals you are trying to achieve, please call 0418 xxx xxx or complete your details below, and Helen will get in touch with you.