14 Mar

Why Take Care Of Your Body?

Look after the body (2)Welcome to Fabulous Friday, the day we look at ways to keep us feeling inspired and in-spirit.

We can’t make great progress along the spiritual path without the gift of our body.  Our body is what gives us the physical experience, yet, we don’t always hold appreciation for our body.  More often than not we are focused on its flaws, its inability to perform or to look as good as we would like.

Our body is magnificent.  It is awesome, amazing and incredible.  It is the vehicle that allows our spirit to experience physical life.

This weekend, it’s time for a little physical self-care. Honour your body, give it some pampering.  Treat it and give thanks for all of the hard work it does.  Immerse it in a warm bath, give it some exercise, perhaps have a facial or a massage.  Whatever you decide to do, remember to say thank you to your body for all that it does for you.

We feel more inspired when we feel good about our body.

Have fun treating yourself this weekend.

Here is a message from Spirit that I recently received (5th September, 2013) about our physical body and the importance of physical life.  I hope that this message may further inspire you to take good care of your body for, as previously mentioned, our body gives us the opportunity to experience physical life.  Enjoy!

Look after the body“In peace we come and with love we greet thee.  Blessings to one and all. May the eternal love of the Divine Being lift you above the conditions of the physical world.

Physical life is indeed a difficult journey for a spirit, for the spirit which was free, enters a physical body and, in doing so, becomes constrained within the limitations of that physical body. 

Perfect, imperfect—whether the physical body is in a perfect or imperfect state —the journey is no less difficult for the spirit which drives the body on the inside.  It is like a bird which was once free, being trapped and limited to the environs of its cage.

But in saying all of this, great spiritual growth and development occurs in taking on a physical body.  The limitations lead to lessons, to growth.  Physical life and all of its events provides the forum for spiritual illumination.  How wonderful is the gift of physical life for it leads the spirit within the body closer to the goal of mergence with The Divine.

So Dearest Ones, never lose sight of the importance and purpose of your physical life—to discover your divinity and to live so each day you move closer to the Divine Being.”  —Spirit


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