18 Mar

Meditation The Ultimate Soul Food

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“In stillness you can feel the magnitude, love and peace of The Universe. Peace comes from stillness.”

Often I ask my clients to engage in the following exercise … I invite them to schedule an appointment with themselves!  That is, to pen a time in their diaries, daily schedule or on their ‘to do list’ that is earmarked just for them; time where they can be still and experience quietness.

Everyone needs a little quiet time—time for reflection and peace. In the many roles that we play daily—employee/employer, partner, parent, child—we are kept occupied and busy. Constant ‘busyness’ is not healthy.  It places undue stress on our body, it prevents us from maintaining a balanced life and, worst still, it distracts us from tapping into our spirit.

Your spirit is your centre of peace and harmony.  Connecting with it—particularly through the practice of meditation—allows you to experience inner-peace, solitude and clarity.  All parts of our being need to be fed food that is nourishing and meditation is a complete food source because it benefits our whole being.  It relaxes our body, it takes us beyond the mind into the realms of peace and calmness where we can feel the love of The Divine; feel the expansiveness of life and the love that lies in the heartbeat of life.

Taking time out for ourselves restores our energy levels and, meditation, in particular, is practice that completely nourishes our mind, body and spirit. It’s the ultimate food for the soul.

Call to action:  Every day this week schedule an appointment with yourself and take some quiet time out for you.

How can you do this?  Listen to my guided meditation, which I have created for the purpose of helping you to achieve good soul care.  My meditation is only seven minutes long, and the seven minutes can bring balance to your life, improve your wellbeing and reconnect you to the joy and peacefulness of your spirit. Listen to it for the next seven days and notice the positive change in how you feel.

Make time to nourish your spirit. Good soul care is good self-care!

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Here is my Light Meditation audio designed to feed your soul!

Light Meditation by Helen Martino-Bailey

I’d love to know what you think of it so please drop me a line.

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