04 Mar

Self Care – A Wise Investment In Your Health

Self care wk 1

Do you feel guilty about taking time out for yourself?

Creating time for yourself is an act of self-love.  It helps to keep you energised and it enables you to give life your best.  Constantly juggling work and the home front is stressful and for a healthy wellbeing we need to ensure that our personal energy reserves are ‘topped up.’

Here are some warning signs that are indicative of you needing some ‘time out’ and a little self-love: you feel tired all the time; you get frustrated easily; everything seems ‘hard’ or ‘an effort;’ you’re more impatient and irritable than normal; you find it difficult to make decisions as your mind feels overloaded; you are overwhelmed by your everyday duties and responsibilities.

If we don’t take stock and do something about the way we are feeling during these times we can run ourselves into the ground.  What can we do if we notice we are feeling this way?

Call to action:  List seven nourishing things that you can do—just for you—this week.  Here are some examples.  You could: take a bath; go for a walk; watch a sunset; go the movies; sleep in; read a book; finish work early; leave the kids with grandparents so you can have a break; eat healthily; let someone else at home make a cuppa for you. There are lots of simple things that you can do that can help you learn to take better care of yourself.

Once you have compiled your list, check to make sure that your seven activities are do-able and achievable.

And now, for the next seven days, take one nourishing action from your list each day and do it.  Alternatively, you may wish to repeat one action for the entire week. For instance, you may choose to go for an early morning walk each day.

At the conclusion of seven days, evaluate how you feel. Do you notice that taking time out for yourself has been beneficial? That you have a little extra energy or more spring in your step?

We all need a little self-love and in order for us to continue to meet the constant demands of life, we need to engage in simple self-care strategies. These strategies are vital and essential to our health and wellbeing as they bring balance back to our lives.

So, instead of feeling ‘guilty’ about taking a little time in the day for yourself—change your outlook. See the time as a wise investment, a time that re-fuels your energy ‘tank’ and is essential in helping you to maintain a healthy wellbeing.  Look forward to this time as self-care is an act of self-love.

Whilst you care about others in your life, ensure that you make the time to care about yourself, too, as one thing is for sure, if you don’t—others won’t!

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    • Hello Cloris. Thank you for your comment. Oh yes…the endless doing…we all need a little time out to top up our reserves. It’s absolutely essential, more so if we want to keep doing the work that we love! I hope everything is going well for you. Sending great love and every good wish, XXX

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