13 Feb

Searching For Happiness? Try Looking Within

Happiness within

In our materially driven world we sometimes forget that we don’t have to buy things to be happy. Our personal relationship with God and the love that is at the core of our deeper selves—our spirit—are the essential ingredients of happiness. 

When we bring these things to the forefront of our consciousness life becomes more joy-filled.

Here is a channelled message that I received some time ago that helps us to understand where true joy and happiness lies.

“There are many material ‘things’ in life that bring pleasure but the joy of these ‘things’ is temporary.  For, once the item has been used the initial excitement subsides and the joy becomes short-lived. 


Finding a more permanent state of happiness is not found in something that you buy —it is found in what you inwardly possess.


This happiness is permanently within you and it is best experienced through love— love of yourself and others and love through your direct relationship with Divine Love.  These form the foundation of lasting pleasure.


We encourage you as always to live through the deep love that is your being and through the day to day consciousness of God’s presence in your lives. When you live through these things life delivers lasting pleasure.”  —Spirit


Today, take a minute of time and connect to your deeper-self. Let go of life for a moment and allow the love that is at the core of your spirit to ooze forth and flood your heart.  You can stay connected with these delicious feelings throughout the day by seeing God’s magic and beauty around you.

In tomorrow’s blog I will provide you with some quick tips on how to foster your relationship with The Divine. In the meantime, you may like to visit the website of Neale Donald Walsch.  He is one of the many inspirational teachers currently on the planet who is helping us to better understand inner-happiness through our connection with Divine Love.

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