11 Feb

Simple Joys In Life Can Improve Your Day

Beach scene - spotting joy

A beautiful morning at the beach

“Are your eyes looking for joy or are they closed to the joys of life?”

–Taken from my book, ‘Abundance of Joy’

We’ve lost the skill of seeing the simple joys in life.  We’ve trained our attention to be directed towards thoughts of what we lack, thoughts that focus on the dramas of the day, the commitments, responsibilities and the never-ending ‘to do’ lists that we create. How can we feel content with life when our minds are so busy with such dull and uninspiring thoughts?

Here’s a tip that’s a favourite of mine. It’s a fun exercise that I call ‘joy-spotting.’  It’s easy to do and it won’t take up too much of your time and it won’t cost you money.

In the many environments that you find yourself in throughout the day, look for moments and scenes that uplift you, scenes that touch your heart. You’ll be surprised at what you see going on around you when you redirect your focus of attention; a spectacular tree; a cloudless sky; a magical sunrise/sunset; a loved one being cared for; a group of young people having fun.

The easiest way to engage in this action is to pretend that you are a photographer, one who is in search for the prize snapshot of the day!

Whether you witness one or many scenes, it doesn’t matter, so long as each day your focus of attention is directed towards finding a winning shot.

When we start to witness more joyful scenes in our lives, not only do we feel better some magical things happen. Through noticing more joy we attract more happy scenes to our lives and, spiritually, we feel in harmony with our deeper selves. 

Call to action: This week, for the next 7 days, spot the joys in your day.

When you witness joy-filled moments you can:

  • Take a snap, upload it and share it with your family and friends through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
  •  Share your prized moments with staff or colleagues; get others in your workplace involved in joy-spotting and run a weekly competition that awards the most uplifting photograph of the week.
  • Share your happy moments with your family during dinnertime. In fact, you could take it a step further and encourage all family members to joy-spot so that at the end of the day, you can exchange your personal pictures and stories. (Younger children will love it!).

Don’t waste a day looking at your worries. Instead, train your eyes to witness the many joys around you. Spotting the simple joys in life is a way to improve your day and an easy way to boost how you feel.

Happy snapping!

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