21 Mar

A Quick Way To Enrich Your Life

FF joy Welcome to Fabulous Friday, the day we look at ways to keep us feeling inspired and in-spirit.

Life and all of its problems can get on top of us at times. One way of lifting ourselves out of the doldrums is to look at the things in our life that bring us joy.

Look at the people who fill our life with love; the pets and animals that lift our heart; the material items that help our life and make it easier for us to do what we do.  We all have grace in our lives and a good way to help keep us buoyant is to keep our eyes open to the grace that is bestowed upon us.

This weekend make a list of all the things that bring joy to you in your life.  Reflect upon the many things that enrich your life daily.

Grace fills our life; joy lifts our life.  Witnessing both the grace and joys in our life is a great way of keeping inspired.

Wishing you a wonderful joy-filled weekend.

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