Journey of our Spirit

I have developed a passion for helping people to discover more about their real identity and their reason for being here – so much so that I have written a book about it called Journey of our Spirit.

How do we know that our spirit exists? And if it does, what is its purpose?

These are just some of the things that I discuss in my book, Journey of our Spirit. Through channelled messages, personal experiences and stories you will discover how your spirit can help you to:

  • Understand more about life
  • Live life with greater awareness
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing
  • Feel better about yourself and the life experiences that face you
  • Improve your state of health
  • Attract what you want in life to you
  • Look for the best in each day
  • Develop your sense of humour and, most importantly,
  • Live life with fullness and Love

Written in a friendly, informal, self-help style, Journey of our Spirit encourages us to think about the way we live. Filled with practical tips and tools it inspires us to make positive changes to our lives so that we can be the best we can.

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Samples from the AudioBook – Journey of the Spirit

Interested in the Book.  You can listen to audio downloads of book readings by Helen:

How was the book written
It was channelled. Each morning, whilst writing the book, I would sit at my desk and through the process of ‘automatic writing,’ I received words from non-physical beings which I collectively call ‘Spirit.’ Spirit directed me each step of the way as to: the chapter titles, the book layout, content, information and the practical examples that I should communicate to you through the book. I deeply thank Spirit for using me in this way so that I can share their helpful, illuminating and uplifting messages with you.

What Spirit says about the book
The weekend after the first books were published in print, we received a message about the book from Spirit during one of our Sunday night healing meditations. My husband, Tim, was the channel on this particular evening. I have included part of Spirit’s message here for you to read as they are able to express how the book came to be more eloquently than I.


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“I read your book everyday on the tram on my way to work and everyday I get off feeling better about facing my day…each morning it gives me that little bit of clarity and inspiration to stay focused on my spiritual journey and to ‘keep it real’.”

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