Power Your Healing

Power_Your_Healing_CD_coverOur body is amazing!

In this audio, I will teach you how incredible your body is and how you can help it to heal.

In Part 1, I invite you to see your body in a broader light.  To appreciate yourself as a multidimensional being where all parts of your body—mind, body and spirit—are important and need looking after equally. To help you achieve this, I introduce you to the art of creative visualisation, a valuable tool that nourishes all aspects of your being and assists and optimises healing.

In Part 2, I guide you through a visualisation that takes you to a healing garden.  Simply listen to my words, relax to the music and be guided.

The visualisation in Part 2 can be used for a variety of reasons. To reduce anxiety; to help you rest, relax or sleep; if you have an active mind and worry a lot, or if you suffer from chronic pain, it can help you to take your mind off your worries and pain for a while.

The healing visualisation that I have created is fantastic to use during times when you are having medical treatments or procedures such as MRIs or CT scans; or any tests that you find scary and confronting. The visualisation will help reduce anxiety during these times.

Its uses are wide and varied.

I encourage you to listen to my Power your Healing CD and to use the healing garden visualisation. It will help you to find peace, and peace, I believe, is the ultimate goal of healing!

“Healing comes in many forms.  It may be in acceptance of life.  It may be in trust, forgiveness, or it may be in a moment where love is expressed for another.  It is not always about a cure, but it is about finding peace.  This is real healing.  This is wellness.”  —Journey of our Spirit

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