08 Apr

How To Power Up The Law Of Attraction

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“Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits
is something that you have self-imposed.”


Here are five ways to help you power up the Law of Attraction.

Listed under each Law of Attraction (LOA) point, is a tip on how spiritual knowledge can assist in the attraction and manifestation of desired outcomes.

1.            Choose To Be Positive

LOA says: The first step to creating better outcomes is to create positive thoughts, vibrations and intentions.

Tip:  It’s not always easy to maintain positive thoughts and intentions, but one helpful practice that will instantly immerse your mind in positive vibrations is to tune in to the intelligence of your spirit.  You can easily do this by drawing a deep breath and connecting to the stillness of your being.  Quieten your mind and listen to the voice within.

In connecting to the intelligence of your higher mind, insights will come that will have you creating positive intentions; that will remind you there are no limits—there is only unlimited possibilities and potential.

So, if your mind starts to wander off track, if it starts to deliver negative thoughts, or doubt, go deeper; tune in and draw on the wisdom of higher mind—your spirit.

2.            Focus On What You Want

LOA says: Make sure that your thoughts and feelings are attracting to your life what you want—not what you don’t want.

Tip:  As soon as you have mentally decided what it is that you want, once again, take a quiet moment to go inward.  Ask your deeper self if your desire feels good to you?  Your spirit will let you know if your request feels right; if it’s believable and true.

Checking-in to confirm that, what you are creating in your life is in harmony with your spirit and your spiritual values, is a very helpful step that ensures—not only are you focusing on what you want but you are focusing on what is right for you!

3.            Imagine And Visualise The Outcome That You Desire

LOA says: Once you are clear about what you want, imagine it, feel it and see it happening now; give thanks for the manifestation

Tip:  The premise behind this law is if you see it in your mind, you can have it in your life.  Our visions create our reality.

We can power our visions by combining them with the practice of meditation. To do this, sit quietly and comfortably and begin by visualising the outcome that you want to create and manifest. Hold onto the imagery and then proceed to meditate.  At the end of the meditation, give thanks for the manifestation that has occurred.

By adding the spiritual practice of meditation to your imaginings, you boost the process of attracting to your life what you want.

4.            Acknowledge The Abundance That Already Exists In Your Life

LOA says: Holding your attention on the blessings in your life creates more of the same. If you see your life as being abundant, you’ll attract more abundance to your life.

Tip:  The energy of your spirit is filled with feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance in your life.  Therefore, if you keep your spiritual identity at the forefront of your mind you will automatically attract abundance.

5.            Allow The Universe To Help You

LOA says: Let go of doubt; doubt slows down the manifestation of your desire.  Instead, allow; when you allow, your desire will manifest quickly.

Tip:  Once again, tuning in, going inward can help you to allow. Your higher self will remind you that there is a greater force at work—The Universe—and that you don’t have to figure out the answers; all you have to do is to allow them to come forth!

Awareness of your spirit, trusting and believing in it, assists you to engage the hand of The Universe to help you with life.

I hope that you have fun creating and manifesting positive outcomes in your life through using the Law of Attraction and the higher mind of your spirit!

As always, I welcome your comments.

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