05 Feb

Making the best of Time

Bella with thank you cardRecently, my husband, Tim, and I invited our dearest friends and their two children—who are also our godchildren—to stay with us at a holiday home that we were renting in Denmark, Western Australia, during the Australia Day long weekend.

We had a fabulous three days together, cooking, eating, singing, dancing, swimming, laughing and playing cards. Bella, our pet bird—a mutated rainbow Lorikeet—accompanied us on the journey and really enjoyed amusing everyone with her talking, tweeting (that’s bird tweeting!), dancing and funny antics. We all had the best time ever.

On Friday night I received a text from our friends, asking if we were free to join them at the local markets first thing Saturday morning for breakfast. We made arrangements to meet. At the end of our breakfast together, Tim and I were given the most wonderful surprise.  We were given a huge bunch of flowers as a thank you from our friends along with the most precious gift of all—a handmade, hand-drawn card by the children.  Inside the card, the kids had listed all of the fun things they experienced during our time away together.

As soon as I began reading the card, I started crying.  Tears of joy flowed as the love—that was palpable in every single word they had written—touched my heart deeply. It’s hard to put into words how their loving act of kindness affected me. I was deeply touched by the fact that, instead of buying a card over the counter, they had gone to the effort of making one for us.

Life is interesting. Often when you least expect it, little acts of grace appear from out of nowhere to lift us up and carry us over the clouds.  Whilst much was going in my life that Saturday, that little act of kindness from the parents and our godchildren kept me focused on what’s important in life. I thank my godchildren because, through them, I was reminded:

To give up our time and share it with those we love is one of the best gifts we can give to each other.

The little things in life often make the greatest impact.  It’s not the amount of money that we spend on a present that makes the present special; it’s the amount of love that goes with our gifts.  That’s what we remember; that’s the ‘bit’ that touches us.

And finally, I was reminded that whatever we engage in life, if we do it with love, it really takes no effort at all.

Every day we are given the gift of time—time that can’t be replaced or repeated. Whilst we all have commitments and duties in our lives each day, we can still make the best use of time.  How? Do what we do—with love and, each day invest it in acts of love and kindness. Time gives us the opportunity to touch someone’s heart in simple ways.  That’s what makes our lives worthwhile and special.

Time is more precious that we realise because it’s the measure by which we can spread love to one another.

Thank you card - Freya and Aran

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