18 Feb

Why We Should Be Thankful For Our Body

“There are many things in life to be thankful for, none greater than the gift of the physical body. For without the body the spirit has no home in which to experience earthly life. Be thankful for all things in your life but be especially thankful for the vehicle that transports your spirit—your body.” —Spirit

Thankful TuesdayOur body is miraculous in so many ways. It works tirelessly to keep us alive. It has an army of cells that are always alert, ready to do battle with invading organisms, ready to repair and restore homeostatic balance. We cannot fully create or reproduce a human body in a laboratory. If you think about the kidneys, for example, and the amount of machinery it takes to do the work of the kidneys when the kidneys are unable to work properly—dialysis—it’s mind-blowing, extraordinary and totally incredible!

Our body is magnificent, but more so because it houses our spirit. Without our spirit—our body is nothing but an empty shell and, without our body—our spirit cannot experience physical life!

Call to action on Thankful Tuesday … Thankful Tuesday body

For all the many reasons that I have mentioned, and more, today, let’s go out of our way to give thanks for our precious body; let’s hold appreciative feelings for it.

Our body is a humble servant that’s divinely fashioned in order for us to experience spiritual growth.

For that alone…we’ve got to love it!

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