07 Oct

Launch of Journey of our Spirit Book

Journey of our Spirit BookGreetings, greetings dear friends. Peace be upon you. Peace be your life. Great love surrounds you always.

It is with great joy and pleasure that we are with you on auspicious evening of your earth lives. It is auspicious because, with great love, Sister Helen – who belongs to all of us – has committed time, energy but above all, great love to produce book which is of great benefit to whoever reads it. This book is not writing of Sister Helen except for those parts where she expresses her own personal love and desires.

This book is writing of Spirit. Spirit imposed words into Sister Helen’s spirit energy. Those words became manifest as thoughts in her physical being, then those words were put into your print. And much beyond that, great work – great deal of work – was required to bring these words into form that is acceptable to people in your world.

This book is expression of Spirit Love. It contains much truth that is required for conscious human beings to understand their reason for living and to give them assistance in looking to their future, for nothing matters in physical life but that which is yet to come – that is, the ending of physical life and the recommencement of living in spirit.

This is not single effort of Sister Helen. It is collaborative effort of many spirit people and also physical people as you will well know.”

If you enjoy reading Journey of our Spirit please tell your friends about it. Spread the word so that the book serves as an instrument that helps and touches many people’s lives. And don’t forget to tell them about this website too so they can get a ‘daily dose’ of inspiration.

Let’s work together to help spread the light and illumine the world!

With Love,

Helen Martino-Bailey

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