11 Mar

How To Improve Your Health At Work

Work Life Balance signpost“The body is the vehicle that enables your spirit to experience physical life. Good care of the body is necessary so that you have the energy to deal with your personal life circumstances.”        —Spirit

“I find my job exhausting;” or “I’m always tired at work.” Does this sound like you?

Are you taking care of your body whilst at work? Work takes up a big chunk of our lives, yet, most of us are not skilled at managing our working lives. We do little to take good care of ourselves whilst at work.

For good health and wellbeing, and to enable our spirit to travel inside a well-maintained vehicle, it is important to regularly engage in self-care strategies.  These are vital in enabling us to work efficiently.

Here are my ten top tips that will help you to reduce body stress at work:

Get into motion. Stretching, walking and breathing exercises help to improve posture, oxygenate the brain and re-energise the body. Try to walk or stretch every thirty minutes.

Eat small, regular healthy meals throughout the day to maintain blood sugar level. Low blood sugar makes us irritable; excessive food intake makes us lethargic.

Keep inspiration at hand in the form of books, uplifting quotes and affirmations. These tools help maintain a positive mind and they are beneficial in helping to restore a calm mind.

Create a balanced work schedule by planning fun in your day.  For example, have lunch with friends or eat lunch in a park instead of at your work desk.  When we have something positive to look forward to, we work more efficiently.

Bring your sense of humour to work.  We can cope a lot better when we look on the bright side of life.

Focus on your breathing.  Each hour, and when necessary, concentrate on your breath; breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth releasing the outward breath very slowly.  Do this three times and you will instantly feel calmer and more relaxed.  This is an excellent technique to use when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated.

Minimise eye strain by taking regular breaks from the computer screen.

Listen to music. Music lifts our mood and re-charges our batteries. Five minutes of relaxing music (if you are stressed) or upbeat music (if you are feeling lethargic) can change how you feel.

Take ten minutes down time.  After you arrive home from work, chill for ten minutes before launching into other duties.  This may mean starting work ten minutes earlier so that you have time at the end of the day to relax. It’s worth it.

Get enough sleep.  Quality sleep is vital in maintaining our efficiency and energy levels.

Call to action:  Apply these techniques this week and determine which ones work well for you.

Engaging in self-care strategies at work is important for it brings energy and vitality to the body; it increases our job satisfaction, personal efficiency and motivation; it builds resilience to stress and it provides our spirit with a well-maintained vehicle in which it can experience the life-lessons that it has come here to learn.

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