27 Feb

Simple Pleasures Are Great Stress Busters

“Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them.”
Alan Watts

Simple things in life

We live in fast-paced times – constantly juggling the many aspects of our lives – home, work and pleasure just to name three. In our rush to meet the day’s demands, are we overlooking the joy found in life’s simple pleasures?

Simple pleasures are moments when we find beauty, solace, comfort and peace amongst the craziness and pressures of every-day living. They bring to life heart-felt feelings. Becoming more mindful of them each day is a healthy, life-giving skill to adopt.

Fortunately, simple pleasures don’t require large investments of our time, energy or money and they’re not too hard to find. For instance:

Close friends; the beach; great food; laughing so hard that your face and stomach hurt; lying in bed listening to the rain; a cool morning breeze; waking up knowing that you can sleep in today; being with someone you love; putting on your walking shoes; creating time to relax – are a few examples of life’s simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.  They are mood-lifters, stress-busters and energy-givers.  They foster an appreciation of life – assisting us to get the best out of each day – and when we see the many simple gifts that are present in our lives daily, how much happier we feel!

For the next five days, take up the challenge and become mindful of 5 simple pleasures that you experience daily. Record your experiences or think of them each night before retiring to bed.

This will ensure that you’re not overlooking the good things taking place in your life daily.

Setting your sights on the simple gifts that life presents daily and being mindful of them, puts joy back into living and brings a spark to your day!

Here’s one of my videos explaining a simple thing in life that gives me pleasure – cooking.

Let me know what you think of it!

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