17 Feb

How To Get Rid Of The Monday Blues

Make a difference Monday

“The greatest way that you can help people is through small deeds. Small acts done with love make a difference to people’s lives for your loving kindness warms their hearts—and each time their hearts are warmed—they feel the love of their spirit-self.” —Spirit

The start of a week offers the ideal opportunity to begin the week on a positive note. This Monday, go out of your way to make a difference to someone’s life. You can easily achieve this goal by performing a simple act of kindness.

Make a difference Monday 2 - act of kindness noteFor example, at work you could make a cuppa for a colleague; buy them a coffee or pay for their parking. At home you could make an extra meal and deliver the meal to your aged parents. Why not lift up the heart of a loving friend who is going through a tough time; phone, email or Skype them and let them know that you care. There are endless things you can do that can warm the heart of another.

Often we feel we should be doing ‘big’ things in our lives in order to make a difference but the truth is—it’s the little things that make the biggest difference of all.

Make Monday—make a difference Monday. Spread a little love and kindness and you’re sure to say goodbye to the Monday blues!

What are we attracting today?

Joy. When we go out of our way to cheer others, our lives attract happiness.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night, 8.30 p.m. Perth (5.30 p.m. Eastern States) I will be talking on the topic of ‘Joy’ to #Cloris Kylie, on #Magnificent time blog talk radio. If you have any questions please email them to me beforehand and I will address them on air.

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