01 Apr

Believe And Trust

Believe in yourself 1“Believe in yourself and your abilities.  You are more than flesh.  You are of the cosmic energy, the universal energy.  The building blocks of your being consist of energy.  Your potential is unlimited.

It is the mind that restricts your potential.  Release yourself from the image that the mind carries—that of a physical being.  Look beyond the structure that you see when looking into a mirror.  See beyond and realise that what you see is but a fraction of who you really are.

Your energy—and the energy of The Universe—are one and the same.  —Spirit”

Recently, one of my clients took a leap of trust.  There was something inside her telling her it was time to start her own business. So, she listened to her inner-voice, followed it and resigned from her well-paying job.  In order to ensure that she could fund her monthly financial commitments, whilst starting her business, she decided to sell her small investment property.

She engaged a real estate agent and was told by him that the current market is slow and she could expect to wait at least 6-8 weeks before attracting a buyer.  I said to her, “That’s one opinion but you could assist the sale—sell it more quickly—if that’s what you really want? This got her attention. I continued, “Draw on your higher-self and allow The Universe to help you.”

She liked the idea. So together we came up with positive statements, a visualisation and other techniques to keep her mind focused on her infinite potential: her ability to engage The Universe in the right way to attract a quick sale; to let go of an opinion and create what she really wanted—a quick sale, with a cash offer.

Two weeks later she returned to see me again.  As she walked through my door she screamed out the good news. “I sold my unit! And listen to this… a cash offer, full price with no conditions other than the usual electrical checks and routine stuff.”

My client was elated, but here is the key starting point to her success—to believe and trust in her spirit (higher-self). To draw on her spirit and work with the energy of life to create an outcome that she desired.

I will provide you with some tips in next week’s blog of how you can develop belief and trust in your spirit, but what I really want to impress on you today is, so often in our lives we take to heart other people’s words and opinions and, in doing so, we believe in their thoughts rather than our true potential; we trust and believe their words instead of trusting and believing in our higher-self.  

The process of positive manifestation begins with believing and trusting that your spirit has the power and the potential to help you. That’s the first essential step.

Call to Action

To help get the ball rolling and allow you to begin the process towards creating and manifesting better outcomes in your life, here is an affirmation to help you see yourself in your true spiritual light.

Each time you look into the mirror, affirm, “I am greater than that I see in front of me.  I am from Source, I am spirit and I have infinite potential!”

Enjoy the affirmation as you recite it. Enjoy connecting to your true magnificence!

Believe in yourself 2

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