21 Feb

Ever Wondered What’s Your True Life Purpose?

Love is all you need

Don’t you adore it when words of inspiration leap up off the page?  This is what happened to me this morning when I began the day reading a book containing inspirational material.  Suddenly, the words: “Your life purpose involves you being a role model of Divine love” took my full attention.

What a lovely way to express the purpose of our physical lives. To be role models of love and to inspire others to love is, indeed, a magnificent picture of how best to live our lives.

Afterall, love is the ultimate reason for our lives. And each time we love, we live in harmony with our spirit-self and with Divine Love. Bliss!

Call to Action

This weekend, let us reflect on our true life purpose and be shining examples of Divine Love’s love.  Let our hearts love unconditionally. Let us reach out to others in loving ways and with loving thoughts and actions so that their lives are lifted by our love.

Ways in which you can express your love towards others throughout the weekend: be kind; lend a helping hand; be a listening ear; pray for loved ones and friends; pay a compliment to those who serve you; hold compassion for someone with whom you may have had a past disagreement; cheer up a friend who is in need; perform a random act of kindness. The list is endless.

And during the weekend, don’t forget to spread a little love your way too. Be kind to yourself!  For you are magnificent—a spark of Divine Love.

Love is all there is, and love is all that we need to live by in order to fulfil the purpose of our physical incarnation.

May your weekend be blissful, filled with opportunities to love.

 Love is your purpose

2 thoughts on “Ever Wondered What’s Your True Life Purpose?

  1. Will be looking out for your snippets of advice, wonderful Helen, good luck to you and yours as I know you will succeed as all you do is from your ‘heart’.
    Lots of love

    • Hi Melanie,
      I am buoyed up by your words! Thank you for your endless love and support. It means a lot to me.
      Sending great love,

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