14 Feb

Developing The Greatest Relationship!

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Relationships. Without doubt they are the most complicated things in our lives!  They can lift us, crush us and bring out the best and worst in us. 

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about the greatest relationship of all—the partnership that we have with Divine Love.  In our worldly world, very little credence is given to this relationship, yet, it is the most valuable of all our relationships because through it we come closer to who we truly are—beings of love.

Many clients ask me, “How is it possible to have a relationship with Divine Love? How can it be a real relationship?”  My response is to embrace it in similar ways as you do with physical relationships.  Treat the relationship with respect, keep it in the consciousness of your mind, make it fun, real and true for you.

Here are some tips on how to do this, so that you can develop a healthy relationship with the greatest love of all!  I have used the acronym ‘Greatest’ – as a quick and easy way to remember some key points.

 G – Gratitude. When we apply ‘gratitude’ to our Divine relationship we foster feelings which house love, peace and contentment. These feelings are nourishing and they bring a positive dimension to our lives and to the relationship.

 R – Relax. Don’t be too serious in the relationship. In physical relationships we like having fun because it brings joy to the partnership.  The same premise applies to our Divine relationship; it thrives on fun.  Next time you dance, sing have a laugh mentally share the moments with Divine Love. It’s easier for the partnership to come alive and for you to relax in the relationship with a little fun. Afterall, who enjoys a relationship that is always serious and boring!

 E – Embrace.  When you embrace the relationship you engage in it more; it becomes part of your focus of attention. If you view it as a relationship that only comes alive during meditation time, or prayer time, you won’t get the best out of it.  The truth is, it’s our most important love of all; it changes how we think, speak, act and respond to the moments of our lives. It can help us in so many ways so let’s embrace it!

 A – Ask. We can’t ‘do life’ alone and we are not meant to! It’s important to ask Divine Love for help.  We ask our physical partners for help throughout life so why not ask The Divine Source—the infinite power of all possibilities?  Hand over to this power for there is grace, there is love, there is unlimited potential. When you ask, you invite the energy to support you during your experiences.

 T – Time.  When we are in love we enjoy spending time with the other person. The same needs to apply to our Divine relationship.  Devote quality time—time in silence, contemplation, meditation, relaxation, a moment in nature; time to just chill and be with each other.  You can make the best use of time by embracing everyday chores as opportunities to commune with the greatest love of all.

And know that it’s the greatest relationship of all because:

 E –Divine Love’s energy is your nature; it’s your Energy.

 S –It feeds your mind, body, spirit and gives you Sustenance.

 T –Through it you Transform!

The relationship that we foster with Divine Love forms a foundation on which we can draw strength, be loved, feel loved and give love. It’s the ultimate relationship and giving it our attention is healthy and life-changing. It’s an act of self-love.

 You can watch my video to see me explaining all of the above in a little more detail.  As always, I welcome your comments.

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