Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression

Releasing the past can assist you to reach your full potential

Are certain habits, fears, or phobias blocking your potential this lifetime?

Through a past-life regression session it is possible to help change habits, patterns and belief systems that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

I offer clients PLR therapy that is comprehensive and unique—unique because it is focused on healing and helping you to release patterns enabling you to live this life to the best of your ability.

Prior to the PLR session you will have a one hour consultation with me which involves, history taking, identification of the problem that is preventing you from reaching your potential, an explanation of the past-life regression session and a short introductory to hypnosis and hypnotic regression.

After the initial consultation, a few days later your will return to my office for the PLR which will go for up to a maximum of three hours.  The session will be recorded onto a CD for your keeping.

Whilst many people like to know about a past life that they’ve experienced, what’s more important than the ins and outs of a past life is the healing of that lifetime.  Releasing and healing fears and habits that stem from your past is freeing and it is a very valuable therapy that can improve your life.

Let me help you reach your full potential in this lifetime by getting rid of habits, belonging to the past that are preventing you from living a full and happy life.

As a fully certified SRT (Soul Regression Therapist) from the Jackson Institute, and a member of the IICT, you know that when you engage me to deliver this therapy you are in capable hands.

PLR Package $480. Package includes the initial consultation, the 3 hour PLR session and a digital CD recording of the session.

After-Life or Soul Regression

Discover your life-purpose!

You may be familiar with the ground-breaking work of Michael Newton, where, through hypnosis, he has helped many people to visit the inter-life and access the world of spirit.

The after-life, or bardo—as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead—is our spiritual home. It is the place where we go when our soul leaves our physical body and the place where our soul resides before taking on a physical body.

The purpose of journeying and visiting the after-life is to help you to discover your soul purpose for this lifetime; to learn about your current life-contract and, in some instances, to reconnect with deceased loved ones.

As with a past-life regression session, an after-life regression session involves hypnosis. During the session I will guide you beyond a past life that you have experienced, so that you journey onward— into the after-life—where you may be able to connect with your immortal soul essence. In the after-life it is possible for you to meet your spiritual guide, visit your soul group, master guides or spiritual elders.

This therapy can be an experience unlike any other, one that can offer profound healing; a therapy that confirms the continuation of life.

SRT package $375.  This includes initial discussion and the session—which can take up to 3 hours— and a CD digital recording of the session.

Please note, with this therapy I need to be confident that you are able to regress satisfactorily. Therefore, it is necessary that you experience a past-life regression session prior to having an after-life session.

I am a certified Jackson Institute Soul Regression Therapist and a member of IICT.

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