Creative Visualisation

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Creative visualisation (CV)—also known as guided imagery—is therapy that utilises the power of imagery and imagination to generate and improve the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

When imagery is used in purposeful and directed it can improve the quality of our lives and enhance our wellbeing. There are many applications for CV.  Here are some of its uses and why clients come to me for CV.

It can be used to:

  • Improve health
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Improve the way you feel about the medical treatments that you are receiving e.g. chemotherapy, radiotherapy – therefore optimising the benefits of the treatments
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve your sleep pattern; reduce insomnia
  • Reduce physical pain
  • Create a more positive, healthy attitude towards your body
  • In preparation for surgery –visualising good outcomes with fewer complications—and envisioning a quick recovery post-surgery

Whatever areas in your life that you want to improve, CV can help.

When you visit me for a creative visualisation session, you need to allow one hour.  During the session I will work with you to design a visualisation programme that’s personally tailored to address your needs.

After an initial assessment and discussion, you will be asked to lie down, or sit in a comfortable chair.  I will then talk and guide you through the imagery that we have created and planned together during our initial discussion. The session is very relaxing and, at the completion, you will have an understanding of how to apply the visualisation to your life.

Come and see me now and learn how to create imagery that produces better outcomes, imagery that is beneficial in helping you with your life and health.

Hourly sessions $125 or you can opt to purchase my CV package 2 sessions for $225

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