At times we all need a little help with life.  Challenging and stressful times can be difficult to manage without guidance.

Helping women navigate through life’s ups and downs is what I do best. Be it a life or a health issue, I can assist you along the path to wellness and wholeness so that you discover the joy of being alive!

Through my unique method of coaching you’ll feel empowered as you learn new life-management skills that reduce stress and support a positive, healthy emotional wellbeing. After a few sessions with me you will be able to:

  • Learn positive strategies that improve the way you think and feel
  • Learn life-skills that will help you to better manage your life
  • Improve your sense of wellbeing
  • Discover techniques that bring joy and peace to life

My coaching method is unique for I have developed a style that takes into account the whole person. I call my method the “Mind, Body, Spirit Connection”.  We are all three elements and, in order to make positive changes in our lives, we need to ensure that all three elements—mind, body and spirit—are taken into account.  I have drawn on my knowledge as a nurse, and my skills a spiritual life-coach, to create my all-encompassing holistic approach—which is powerful and life-changing.

As I work with you, you’ll come to understand your body and mind better. You’ll learn how to live from a higher level of conscious awareness. As a result, you’ll begin to live life with more joy and peace.

I work with a combination of methods and provide you with practical tools, tips and exercises.  Working together we can remove obstacles in your life, formulate specific goals, heighten your spiritual awareness and broaden your understanding of yourself, your life and your life purpose. We can bring forth healing and awaken your unlimited potential and more!

If you are unhappy in your current situation or trying to achieve a goal and constantly hitting roadblocks, then life coaching can really help you.

Come and see me or work with me via Skype.  I am committed to helping you through your journey so that you live life to the full.  Afterall, life is too short not to be lived fully!

Helen—Your Life Coaching Solution—Helping you with life, wellness and wholeness

Helen currently offers two Life Coaching packages, and she can also tailor a package to meet your specific needs:

Complete the self-assessment coaching questionnaire to see if you would benefit from Helen’s life coaching.

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