28 Mar

You Can Always Help Someone

Power of prayer 1

Welcome to Fabulous Friday, the day we look at ways to keep us feeling inspired and in-spirit.

There are many occurrences that are happening within our country and around the world that are bleak.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do during these times.  Is it possible to help those who are suffering when we live far away from the area where the incidences are taking place?

There is nothing more powerful than prayers and positive loving thoughts. The energy of our loving thoughts help those in need.

I’d like to share with you a channelled message that we received during our Sunday night healing meditation 6th November, 2011. This is what the spiritual teacher known as White Eagle, from The White Brotherhood, told us about the power of prayer…

“It is just as helpful to people in giving loving thoughts and prayers to them as it is to reaching out with your hand and supporting them.  Divine Love does not give marks for whether you give physical help or whether you give spiritual help.  All help has same value.  All help is manifestation of love. Love is the greatest and strongest energy that exists in the universe in which you live, and it is the greatest energy of all the universes of all the worlds, of all that is.”

So, dear friends, let’s spend time this weekend praying for those on our earth plane who are suffering.  As you listen to the news, or read a newspaper, turn your attention to loving thoughts for those whom you are reading about.  Send vibrations of love, help, courage and support to them.  Ask Divine Love to help them through your prayers and kindhearted thoughts.

Loving prayers help others and they inspire us to perform kind actions.

Wishing you a peace-filled weekend.Power of Prayer 2

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