04 Apr

Use Your Breath During Testing Times


Welcome to Fabulous Friday, the day we look at ways to keep us feeling inspired and in-spirit.

It’s hard to live with equanimity during testing times, but here is a little technique that we can practise that is beneficial to apply to our lives when we are feeling angry, upset or when things overwhelm us.

A great way to break feelings of frustration or anger is to pause for a moment, then take a deep breath – preferably one deep from your belly – and then hold the breath for a second or two.  Then, slowly exhale, ensuring that the exhalation of your breath is very, very calm and slow. Sink into the feeling of peace that emerges from taking the slow breath.  Repeat the process three times.

Engaging in this action when we are out of sorts is beneficial.  It helps to stop our mind and return us back to our spirit of peace.

This weekend, practise this technique.  As you go about your day, just take a moment to engage in the exercise.  Become aware of how peaceful it makes you feel.  The practice itself only takes a minute but in that minute we are able to silence our ego and engender peaceful feelings.

Practices that help return us to the serenity of our spirit help us to manage life in better ways.

May peace fill you this weekend and may joy be yours.

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