07 Mar

The Body Needs Rest To Function At Its Best!



Welcome to Fabulous Friday the day we look at ways to keep us feeling inspired and in-spirit.

We all lead busy lives and the stresses of the day can take its toll on our physical body.  To maintain a healthy physical body, rest is important.  It’s hard to stay in-spirit when we are feeling tired and exhausted.

Rest is a way of getting us back to our spirit-selves again.  We feel energised and better able to cope with things, when we are rested.

This weekend engage in an act of self-love and make time for rest. Make the choice to cut down on unnecessary activities and remove them from your schedule.

If you have been pushing yourself too hard lately take this message as a sign that you need to incorporate more rest into your life. This will help you get back in-spirit.

Listen to your body and see what it’s telling you.  It is important for health, wellbeing and mental sharpness to ensure you get a good night’s sleep; it’s important for staying inspired that you get enough rest in your day.

Rest is important in helping us to stay healthy, energised and in-spirit. Many times inspiration comes when we take the time to rest!

Have a wonderful, restful weekend.


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